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FAQs For Talent

A brand ambassador is a spokesperson who is hired by a company to raise brand awareness and spread brand positivity. Want to become a brand ambassador yourself? There’s ZERO experience required! To join our team, register online at

Here’s the rundown! The first step is completing an online application. Our booking team will review your application—which includes your resume and skillset—then will get in touch to coordinate an interview via video or in person. During this time, we’ll review your qualifications, education, work experience, and references! After this 30 to 60-minute interview process, our team will determine if the partnership is a good fit! Successful applicants will be directed to HR for onboarding.

Your profile is your time to SHINE! Typically, our clients select talent for their event based on the images and content you upload. Be sure to include all of your best work and experience.

You will be paid weekly when working with 360x. How you receive payment will depend on what you selected during the onboarding process with our payroll partner (i.e. check, direct deposit, etc.)

Be AMAZING at every event! Our team monitors your progress and tracks the feedback on your performance using a rating system. The more satisfied our clients are with your performance, the more likely you are to receive consistent bookings.

Typically speaking, we do not offer shifts that are less than four hours. However, you always can select the shift that you prefer.

Based on the event you are selected for, you’ll be given instructions on the dress code. Each event is unique! However, we always recommend that you have nicely pressed black pants and a white shirt (no logos!) on hand.

FAQs For Event Producers

At 360x Events & Promotions, we provide reliable, professional staffing for a variety of events, including conferences, tradeshows, experiential marketing events, promotional campaigns (i.e. product launches, alcohol promotions, in-store promotions), field marketing and popups, airport activations, movie premiers, mascot and costume character events, Comic-Con… The list goes on!

With over 20 years of experience in the events staffing industry, our 360x team is prepared to provide the brand ambassadors, actors, models, docents, and specialty performers that your unique event requires.

Our staffing is available nationwide as well as in Canada and Mexico.

Our awesome staff is trained for each event for specific brands, clients, and consumers onsite and via Zoom.

That’s our secret sauce—for us to know, and you to find out! Connect with us today to learn more about our vetting process.

Absolutely! As a veteran, minority, and woman-owned business, our team at 360x Events & Promotions embraces diversification. In fact, 90% of our internal team falls into one of the above categories.

The history and relationships we maintain with the talent we represent. Moreover, at 360x, we maintain a one-of-a-kind, built-in algorithm that tracks staff performance and ratings to help raise the best talent to the top!

As the saying goes, the show must go on! In the event industry, we absolutely prepare for no-shows. Based on the volume of talent scheduled, we are always sure to schedule on-site back-ups.

We have a minimum requirement of four hours to book with us.

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