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Hear from our amazing talent!

I always had fun. The directions before an event are specific and not confusing. Easy communication with the staff and when I have questions they are answered quickly. I always feel prepared to attend a 360 event.

I have been with 360 for the last eight years. I have been an ambassador, and by year 2, I have led events, and I love it. 360 has successfully run events, and their clients are the sweetest. I have never had an issue onsite so keep it up. I love 360.

The events are very well planned and organized. I can come to work with costumes ready to go and they give plenty of time to get into character.

I love working for 360 promotions! I have worked with you for years! Your agency has fun events to work. You give our schedules weeks in advance and you pay fast!

All of the events I have worked for 360 were good quality. I had a nice team, felt supported, and received good communication with the staff.

I have worked for 360 several times in the past and greatly enjoyed my experience. The management and staffing team keeps in great communication for events and are always available to support us. All the events I have worked were both fun and engaging.

Always great prep, lead & team. Get notifications each day before start & end work. Professional management. Lead / supervisor always ensure we have break time. Paid good as well. Love to work with 360!!

They are friendly, organized, understanding, and have great communication. I love how prompt they are in replying.

How to be successful with 360x Events & Promotions

  • Smile

    Really, it’s that simple. Smile, be friendly, answer questions, and if you don’t know the answer help the person find someone who does.

  • Be on time & professional

    Being on time means everyone can relax and feel secure that the event will be a success. When we say, be professional we mean, nicely put together, clean, groomed nails, hair, and skin.

  • Stay off your phone

    Don’t be on your phone when you are working. If you’re checking the time, consider wearing a watch. If you need to be reachable, put your phone on silent and do not check it repeatedly during the event.

  • Check in & out on the 360x app

    Download the app and be sure to check in AND out in the app every time.

  • Create an amazing attendee experience

    Create a welcoming and positive experience for the guests. Bring your A game, and be present throughout the entire event!