brand ambassador at live event

Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, vs. Spokesmodel

It’s the age-old question… OK, well not age-old but still a good question!

You’re hosting an event. Do you need a brand ambassador, a promotional model, or a spokesmodel? Let’s help you figure it out by defining each below.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

In short, a brand ambassador is an individual hired by a company to raise brand awareness and spread brand positivity.

What Does a Brand Ambassador DO?

The number one goal for a brand ambassador is to create a fun, memorable experience for consumers. This can be achieved both on and offline. Over the years, however, social media has become an integral part of a brand ambassador’s role.

Some roles and responsibilities that a brand ambassador might be faced with can include:

  • Engaging consumers, exciting them about the mission, and elevating the brand message
  • Sparking word-of-mouth about the brand
  • Instilling brand education
  • Donning branded uniforms or costumes to drive brand awareness
  • Conducting product demos
  • Distributing marketing materials

Interested in learning more? Read our article “What Does It Mean to be a Brand Ambassador?” for more information.

What is a Promotional Model?

A promotional model is hired by a business to draw in an audience at high-traffic live events. These individuals are experts in face-to-face marketing, also known as live marketing.

You will find promotional models working at trade shows, conventions, promotional events, corporate events, and even sporting events, concerts, and festivals!

What Does a Promotional Model DO? 

After grabbing a prospect or consumer’s attention, it is a promotional model’s job to:

  • Increase product or service awareness
  • Provide product or service information
  • Serve as an extension of the brand, and
  • Create a lasting, positive impression

What is a Spokesmodel?

Last but certainly not least, we have spokesmodels! What is a spokesmodel? Similar to a spokesperson, who is defined as “a person who speaks as the representative of a group or organization,” a spokesmodel helps reinforce the image a brand is trying to create.

By definition, a spokesmodel is “an attractive or otherwise appealing person who is hired to speak on behalf of a company or product.” This might be for print, video, magazine, or television commercials.

What Does a Spokesmodel DO?

Typically, a spokesmodel will work product demonstrations, launch parties, and other public relations events to confirm their endorsement in public.

Having a spokesmodel for your brand can help:

  • Increase brand credibility
  • Bolster awareness
  • Catch prospective attention, and even
  • Rejuvenate your brand

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